Wednesday, August 10, 2011


acrylic on canvas  11" x 14"

acrylic on watercolor paper 10" x 12.5"


  1. Interesting transformations; I like what the rich yellows add to the images.

  2. I love seeing what the gold does, not just in terms of livening things up but how it accentuates/ vitalizes the space on the one on paper. & I like the simplification of the one on canvas, those 'o's add a bit of alphabet - or what's that cereal....

  3. Thanks for the comments Rapps and Alts. I have not produced as much
    work this Summer but have obsessed on the ones I have favored. It's
    interesting to keep pushing an image like various states of a print. At some points I feel afraid to enter back into the game, have to walk away,
    then when I do I don't remember how precious the first state was.

    Rapps the O's are for O my God what has happened to the market!