Monday, November 1, 2010


Three paintings oil and collage on panel, 14" x 11"


  1. These are an interesting development of the simpler geometries of the earlier works. I like the additions of line. For me, the top two paintings have a touch of humor in the movement of triangles; the bottom one alludes to Asian art with the calligraphic marks and surface texture. Nice!

  2. Yes, Altoon, it's that lower right hand shape that feels a bit Chinese.
    Isn't it interesting that we can start out thinking color and form and end up with the poetics of another country.

    I have been cataloging all my paintings this Summer. Wow, what a memory lane this is. There are references to the bottom painting that
    have popped up before. My favorite historical Chinese painters are the ones who paint with their finger nails and certain parts of their hands. Do you know the book, The Brushless Painters? I look at it all the time when I'm in the city.

    Thanks for your continued interest in my work.


  3. these are so visually engaging - and, for all their simplicity, complex. I love the mood I sense in them of light, space and visual play. I look forward to seeing more!