Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is a new painting I finished today in the barn studio.
It's on panel and the medium is archival newsprint on panel
with oil.  My plan is to work 6 of these in a series before I
think about titles, etc.   The size is 14" x 11".


  1. I look forward to seeing how this series develops!

  2. I love the geometry of this painting, and its physicality; the layerings of paper (which in reproduction look like very fine cloth) add an interesting subtle depth. Are you using silver paint, or is it gray?

  3. Thanks Altoon, I'm using oil over collage. No silver paint although,
    I'm not opposed to it. The paint was still wet when I photographed it
    so the light was bouncing around.

    By the way, since I'm here alone a lot of the time now I find your
    Blog a wonderful companion and source of inspiration.