Monday, May 24, 2010


This print is from a group of earlier monoprints on Japanese papers. 
 The size of each print is approximately 12 1/2" x 37".  The dates are 1991-93.


  1. This piece is beautiful, Myrna; color and light are luscious.

  2. Thank you Altoon. This is a print I haven't seen in several years. It was
    packed up when I moved from NYC to Orient with the printmaking studio. I'm considering working with Japanese papers again on the litho press.

  3. As it turned out I worked all Summer with Japanese papers collaged to
    canvas or panel. I just wanted to paint. As of today I have decided to
    sell my litho press, stones, etc. and just keep the etching press for making monoprints mostly. My days of editioning are over. Let's drink
    a toast to that!