Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Breath

monotype, 37" x 12.5", 1991


  1. this is a beautiful series & I'm glad to see them again. when were they made and what's their general size?

  2. They were made @1992-3 and the size is 38" x 12.5". The longer ones are 76" x 12.5"

  3. This is a series of elongated monoprints on Japanese papers. The prints developed as a result of moving into a large studio space in lower Manhattan (l99l) where I could spread out and move from image to image. They were printed from plexiglass using the lithographic press with Handschy inks. I am fond of this work as it marks the beginning of my experiences living in Manhattan. I had lived in Portland, Oregon, for ten years prior to this